The guild network is a feature that Pharmi Med Ltd. is proud to offer and support. We offer work to partners and associates that meet our credibility test. As part of a service we adhere to high and noble values and expect all our partners to adhere to these values:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Reliability

The above values are what we expect of our partners and associates. We do not claim to be a large cooperation and have no vision of this, however we offer the flexibility of support for organisations, and where we feel overwhelmed with work at times we offer this work to our associates as part of Pharmi Med Ltd. This assists us in two ways:

  • Offers our clients support services from several people with a range of skills
  • Offers our partners and associates work where they may not be privileged, and this works for Pharmi Med Ltd.

If you are a consultancy and would like to learn more about our network, get in touch with us HERE