Return on Investment


Hiring Pharmi Med Ltd. consultants is a no brainer. The infographic below gives you an indication on hours and costs saved by deploying our consultants and doing this early. Poor audits can be expensive and fixing the blunders can be even more expensive and timely. This damages reputation and delays projects.  We have tabulated below a comparison of hiring employees directly versus consultants to help you arrive at a decision –

Pharmi Med Ltd. Consultant

Permanent Employee

Hire us Ad Hoc or Full time

Fixed as a Headcount full time only

No Obligations

Obliged to numerous requirements

No Office Space or Overheads taken up (no computer, desk or utilities used)

Will require computer, IT support, electricity bills, desk space taken up

Use us whenever you need

When there is no work the employee is a liability

No Training costs

Your responsibility to train the employee this costs thousands

Deadline driven

Employees have no incentive to complete the task on time and you cannot impose a deadline

Not Applicable

Employees have several rights over the employer

We pay our own expenses

All expenses must be paid, travel, accommodation etc.

No Long term obligation

Long term obligation and commitment

You have just taken on a one stop solution – NOT one man! But a team

You are hiring someone with specific and limited skills

Cut out agency fees

You must pay referral fee or %age charges

In addition working directly with Pharmi Med Ltd. and cutting out recruitment agencies give the following advantages –

  1. No finders fee
  2. No hourly commission
  3. No hidden charges
  4. Personal contact with Director-Founder
  5. We are not a huge consultancy therefore one to one care is guaranteed which is often lost in larger consultancies.

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